The head of Azerbaijan State is the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The executive power of the Republic of Azerbaijan is held by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Every Person no younger than 35 years old, permanently residing in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic for more than 10 years, having election right, a University Degree, who has never been tried for a major crime, who has no commitments towards other States, exclusively a citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic shall have the right to be elected President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is elected for a term of 7 years by general, equal, and direct elections by free, private, and secret ballots. 

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The First Vice-President and Vice-Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan are appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

A citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan who has higher education and has no obligations to other states is appointed by the vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The President forms the President Administration and appoints the head of the President Administration for the purposes of establishment of the necessary conditions for the implementation of the Constitutional authorities.

The Executive Office of the President prepares bills submitted to the Milli Majlis, decrees, orders, instructions and addresses of the President, as well as draft other documents.

The executive apparatus monitors and verifies the implementation of decrees, orders, and instructions of the President, submits relevant reports to the head of state.

The administration ensures the interaction of the President with political parties, public associations, trade unions, and creative unions in the country, as well as with state bodies and officials of foreign countries, local and foreign political, public figures and international organizations.

The administration analyzes information on socio-economic, political, and legal processes taking place in the country and around the world, appeals and proposals of local self-government, public organizations and citizens and prepares relevant reports to the president.

General management of the Executive Office is carried out by the President.

The Office of the President is responsible for the material, technical and financial aspects of the activities of the President and the Executive Office. The Presidential Administration is not part of the Executive Office.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan forms the Cabinet of ministers for the purpose of organizing the realization of the executive authorities. A cabinet of ministers is a superior body of the Executive power of the President, it submits to the President and is accountable before him.

The Cabinet of Ministers is comprised of the Prime Minister, Vice Premier, Ministers, and other heads of central executive bodies.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has 17 ministries. These are:
1. Ministry of Internal Affairs
2. Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
3. Ministry of Justice
4. Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
5. Ministry of Extraordinary Situations
6. Ministry of Youth and Sports
7. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
8. Ministry of Economy
9. Ministry of Agriculture
10. Ministry of Finances
11. Ministry of Culture
12. Ministry of Defence
13. Ministry of Defence Industry
14. Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies
15. Ministry of Public Health
16. Ministry of Energy
17. Ministry of Education

There are state organizations and committees in the Republic of Azerbaijan, such as the State Committee on Family, Women's and Children's Problems, the State Committee on Diaspora Affairs, the State Committee for Work with Religious Associations, the State Customs Committee, the State Statistics Committee, the State Urban Planning, and architecture Committee, State Committee on Refugees and IDP Affairs, State Oil Company and Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, State Migration Service, State Border Service, State Security Service, State Service for Mobilization and Conscription, Foreign Intelligence Service.