After gaining independence in 1991, the Republic of Azerbaijan began to pursue an independent foreign policy. This policy was aimed at the systematic strengthening and development of statehood and at protecting national interests. Azerbaijan builds its foreign policy on the basis of international legal norms and principles, as well as on the principles of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states and not interference in internal affairs.

The foreign policy of Azerbaijan, guided by these principles and speaking from the position of long-term national interests, pursues such a vital goal as the elimination of threats aimed at independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national security of the republic, and, first of all, the aggression committed against it by the Armenian Republic... One of the main priorities of Azerbaijan's foreign policy is the establishment of peace and stability at the regional level, the achievement of such strategic goals as the implementation of cooperation projects and large transport projects. Also, attracting foreign investment in various projects for the development of the country's economy in order to more rationally protect the interests of the Azerbaijani people, which is of exceptional importance in this modern global world. Thus, Azerbaijan, which has chosen the path of democratic development, has the determination to fully implement the common goal of establishing and developing equal and mutually beneficial relations with neighboring and other countries in various fields on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

Azerbaijan, expanding and deepening its activity at the regional and global level, including in the international arena, as an independent state became a member of a number of international organizations, including the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Organization of Turkish States, CIS and many others. The Republic of Azerbaijan is also one of the founders of the GUAM regional group, an active member of the Non-Aligned Movement. The Republic of Azerbaijan, participating in international and regional organizations, protects and realizes its national interests.

The development and implementation of a balanced and serving the protection of national interests of the foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan are associated, in general, with the name of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. It was thanks to his sense of statehood, deep logic, and ability to deeply understand the essence of issues that it became possible to determine the correct way to approach the creation of international relations. Also, the modern foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, conducted under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev, shows its loyalty to the course (the basis of which was laid by Heydar Aliyev) of the comprehensive development of mutually beneficial relations with all well-meaning members of the world community, and it is aimed at the prosperity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, at the continuous development and ensuring the well-being of the population... The diplomatic activity carried out within the framework of this complex and multilateral process consists of several main directions, and all of them together constitute the foreign policy of independent Azerbaijan.