Currently, The Republic of Azerbaijan has more trade relations with more than 170 countries. 

The Azerbaijan Export & Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) was established in 2003 to fulfill such priority tasks as boosting the country’s export potential and attraction of foreign investments. The Foundation strives to enhance the export potential of domestic entrepreneurs, ensures expansion of investment opportunities, and assists entrepreneurs in finding potential partners and implementing joint projects. To this end, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijan Export & Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) implement important economic events both in the country and abroad, including business forums, exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. These measures play an important role in both improving the country’s business environment and economic potential and ensuring the development of business ties of local entrepreneurs. The practice of holding events in foreign countries renders positive results, especially in terms of increasing investments in priority areas of economic development. The practice of holding business forums in our country plays an important role in promoting the establishment of business ties with businesspeople of Azerbaijan, as well as providing their products with access to foreign markets, allowing for the conclusion of business agreements and development of their business ties abroad.

Foreign investors and local manufacturers can use AZPROMO’s legal advice to establish a business in Azerbaijan and enter foreign markets.

The Azerbaijan Export & Investment Promotion Foundation’s major areas of activity in the country are as follows:

Development of the country’s new image;

Provision of diverse services to local and foreign investors;

The attraction of investors and holding negotiations with them;

Creation of information base on investment and export opportunities;

Exploring the export potential of the Azerbaijani market in the area of regional trade;

Provision of consultancy and marketing research services to export-oriented companies;

Spreading the "Made in Azerbaijan" trademark internationally.

On 5 October 2016, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a Decree envisaging a large-scale promotion of local non-oil sector products in foreign markets under the brand name "Made in Azerbaijan". This Decree covers 10 different mechanisms, i.e. implementation of support measures to promote the 'Made in Azerbaijan' brand abroad and stimulate exports.  

Depending on specific support measures, the costs associated with their implementation shall be fully or partially covered by the state budget.

Every exporter of non-oil products of Azerbaijani origin has the right to benefit from these support measures.

One of the support measures is the export mission that promotion of the Made In Azerbaijan brand abroad and stimulation exports is the implementations.

Export missions are a support measure implemented to discover access to new markets as well as to strengthen the position of local products in existing markets and introduce new products to these markets.

Considering the export potential of non-oil sector products, exporters' requests, international economic and trade relations of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Economy defines the countries to be visited and the dates of the visits.

The state budget shall cover all logistic expenses related to the trip (hotel, transportation, rental of rooms, and equipment for business meetings, translation services).  One of the support measures of the stimulation of exports is to investigate the market of local products in foreign countries.

Market research is a support measure organized to explore and expand access to existing and new export markets to ensure the export of non-oil sector products.  

Market research is carried out by specialized local or foreign legal entities or individuals selected as a result of competition on the basis of exporters' requests in accordance with the target markets defined by the Ministry of Economy.

Currently, one of the measures of stimulation exports is close participation in international exhibitions and fairs. Participation in international exhibitions and fairs through a single country stand is a support measure organized to promote local non-oil sector products under the brand name "Made in Azerbaijan" The state budget shall cover all organizational logistic costs to ensure the participation in international exhibitions and fairs at a single stand (i.e., rental of space at the location of the exhibition/fair, design, preparation, and installation of the stand, transportation of products).   

At the same time, various support measures are being taken for the promotion of the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand in public places abroad and in the international media in order to promote local non-oil products under a single name in the world.