Innovation and investment policy play a crucial role in terms of achieving many successes in the state economy. Macroeconomic stability and economic growth, economic security, ensuring the competitiveness of the national economy, improving the living standards of the population, solving many socio-economic problems is the investment climate in the country are the important goals in terms of investment-oriented. 

Azerbaijan became an attractive country in the world for investment. The creation of political and economic stability, favorable business and investment environment ensure the realization of any project. The current investment policy and successful business environment do not only attract local investors but also, attract foreign investors.

As a result of an improved business environment, equal rights and opportunities have been created for all investors. Also, strong protection policy and legislation in this area are attractive factors for investors.

The lack of government inspections such as taxes, human health, national security is supporting factors of the investment climate.

In addition, there is no discrimination against foreign and local investors. There are some favorable conditions for investors to create a favorable business environment. This favorable business environment includes a lack of requirements such as obtaining a permit for foreign investment and as well as lack of restrictions on foreign exchange, lack of license for foreign exchange transactions related to capital movements, and lack of restrictions on the amount of foreign capital in companies, the absence of restrictions on technology transfer and absence of legal restrictions on ownership, the absence of restrictions on the repatriation of profits and lack of the requirement of a local colleague.

As a result of works done in our country for the improvement of the investment climate, along with the number of companies investing in Azerbaijan, their geography is expanding. It is obvious that investors are only interested in investing in a stable country. So, the volume of investments in the Azerbaijani economy has now reached $ 280 billion.

Azerbaijan acts as an investor country in a number of regional and global projects. It led Azerbaijan to become a geopolitical actor, as well as a country with a growing international image.

Azerbaijan is one of the main initiators of billion invested in projects and the projects have been successfully completed. These projects include East-West”, “North-South” transport corridors, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline, one of the priority energy projects for the European Union (Shah Deniz-2, the expansion of the South Caucasus pipeline), Southern Gas Corridor.

The regional projects initiated by Azerbaijan such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the New Baku International Sea Trade Port, and the construction of a railway between Azerbaijan and Iran, show new achievements in the development of transregional infrastructure.

Azerbaijan strengthened its position as a major investor and become one of the leading countries in the CIS in terms of the volume of investments in foreign economies in the region. According to the reports of the world's leading economic research centers, our country is characterized as a country that has become a geographical center of investment in the region.

Currently, work is underway to attract foreign investors to the liberated territories, and a number of countries are closely involved in the restoration of territories and the implementation of infrastructure projects.