Azerbaijan is located at the junction of East and West, the main historical point of the Great Silk Road, and a country open for travelers and merchants from all over the world for centuries. Caravans loaded with silk, sweets, gold, and pearls traveled to the countries of Europe and the East.

Famous English traveler and merchant Anthony Jackson (XVI century), Russian traveler Afanasi Nikitin “traveling behind 3 Seas” (XV century), famous writer-traveler of XIX century Alexander Dumas and other outstanding personalities visited Azerbaijan.

It is not surprising that Azerbaijan's rich history, cultural and natural heritage attract tourists from many parts of the world and bring them to this country. The warm Caspian Sea, mild climate, and untouched nature form the basis of beach, active, and hunting tourism.

The development of tourism is necessary for any country with such beautiful nature and natural resources as Azerbaijan. The country is rich in well-groomed sights, high-class resorts that do not lag behind World resorts. Recently, magnificent hotels are being built in four corners of the country: the Shahdag ski center with six hotels in Gusar; the second ski resort in Gabala; the beautiful hotel “Quba Palace” in Guba, etc.

Azerbaijan is an amazing country. Everything here — nature and culture, history and architecture, Customs and traditions are unusual. In Nakhchivan, Kalbajar, Lenkeran, and Babadag, boiling water come out from under the ground, there is a fire temple Ateshgah in Surakhani, and there are also a number of places of interest.

Everyone who wants to restore and strengthen their health is applying to numerous health centers of Azerbaijan. Due to the unusual climate of the southern region, there are numerous healing centers in Lankaran and surrounding areas. The world-famous Naftalan resort has unique biological quality treatment methods. Naftalan is the place where there is a special kind of oil field, which has healing power, which is unique in the world. All these factors are indicators that contribute to the creation and development of medical tourism in Azerbaijan.

Unique architecture, primitive culture, and multi-faceted national cuisine attract tourists from all over the world.

Mugham, which is considered the traditional music genre of the Azerbaijani people, was included in the UNESCO non-Cultural Heritage List and created a new tourist trend-mugham tours.

In summer, ecological tours — hiking natural reserves and hunting routes are common in Azerbaijan. They can be easily combined with ethnographic tours. It is also very interesting to visit Lahij, which is located in the ancient village of Guba, Khinalig, Ismayilli, and preserved the traditions of middle-century copper works.

Tourists visiting the capital of Baku definitely want to visit the historical-architectural reserve — the Shirvanshahs ' Palace and the “Maiden Tower” Icheri Sheher, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Azerbaijan has become a tourist center in the region. AITF — “Tourism and travel” — is held every year in the country, which allows hundreds of people from all over the world to come together.

In 2018, a state Tourism Agency was established on the basis of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The state tourism agency functions as a central executive body implementing state policy and regulation in the field of Tourism.

The most famous hotels in Azerbaijan are the following: Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Hyatt Regency, JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel, Grand Hotel Europe, Fairmont Baku, Intercontinental, Pullman Baku, Hilton Baku.

Hotels, leisure places, entertainment and sports centers operate in the provinces of Azerbaijan, including Shahdag Mountain Resort, "Qafqaz Riverside", "Shamakhi Palace Sharadil", “Chinar Hotel Naftalan”, "Rixos Guba Azerbaijan", Markhal Resort, “Galaalti", Duzdag hotel in Nakhchivan. In addition, winter and summer tourist complexes Shahdag and Tufandagh, Aghbulag Ski Center in Nakhchivan, about 50 Olympic sports complexes and facilities with important infrastructure are at the disposal of tourists throughout the year.

At present, a strategy for the development of tourism in liberated territories is being developed. In the near future, Karabakh and the Eastern Zangezur region will be presented to the world as a new tourist destination and become the main tourist center of Azerbaijan.