Azerbaijanis accounted for 15.992 out of 18.766 people of Yerevan in 1883 and for 23.626 out of 27.246 people or 85.2% in 1866.

Armenian scientist Zaven Korkodyan "The population of
Soviet Armenia in 1831-1931", 1932.


The real motherland of Armenians considered the Great Armenia situates out of the bounds of Russia in the Asia Minor according to some historical concepts. As for Armenians living in Daghlig Garabagh, one part of them was aboriginal and generated from ancient Albanians, practicing Christianity. Some of them ran away from Turkey and Iran to escape from persecution and found refuge in Azerbaijan.

B.Iskhanyan "The peoples of the
Caucasus" Petrograd 1916, p. 18.


If not for the famous Turkmenchany agreement, Griboyedov and Abovyan, the newly established Armenian settlements that turned to modern villages and towns would never exist… Within the last ten years over 200 thousand Armenians were returned to their native lands (in the 1960-1970s).

Zori Balayan. "Bon-fire", p. 120, 192, 273.


Dashnaks with groups of volunteers around them terminated women, children, old people and invalids with a great cruelty on the Turkic lands overwhelmed with war.

A.Lalayan. on bloodshed of the 1918-1920 "The
revolutionary East" magazine, No 2-3, 1936, Moscow.



After the situation calmed down I saw Shusha once again. There was nothing except for stones and clods in the Turkic quarters of the city. All the houses were burnt their dwellers killed. The same was with the Turkic quarters of Khankendi… Armenians supported by Englishmen occupied the biggest oil town Baku and killed 25 thousand people of the Turkic population.

From memoirs of Ohanes Apresyan. Leonard Ramsden Hartwill.
"That is the nature of people.1918-1922's Events of Azerbaijan in memory of one Armenian".
USA. Indianapolis, "Bobbs Meril Company", 1928.


"The dashnak agency of the Armenian government tries to annex Karabakh to Armenia. That means the depriving of Karabakh from the connection with Baku and its annexing to Yerevan which has nothing in common with this region. Armenian peasants carried out a decision to recognize Azerbaijan and to annex to it on the fifth session".

Anastas Mikoyan. From his letter to Lenin of 22.05.1919.


One of the causes of conflicts between Turks and Armenians is the cruel attitude of Armenian nationalists towards the humanism, care and patriotism of Turks and Azerbaijani people.

US Armenian writer L.S.Surmeliyan. from the book
"Ladies and Gentlemen, my address is to you"