The chests and the hearts of Azerbaijani children murdered by Armenians were torn and most of corpses were cut into pieces.

Haydarov Jamal Abdulhuseyn oglu  " There were many corpses of mutilated Azerbaijanis some 2 km away from a farm near Garagaya. The chests and the hearts of murdered children were torn, and most of the corpses were cut into pieces ".

Haydarov Shahin Zulfugar oglu — saw about 80 corpses near the Nakhchivanik (Khojaly) village. The corpses were mutilated and the heads were cut off. Among them were major Alif Hajiyev and his relatives Salimov Faxraddin, Salimov Mikayil.

Humbatov Jalil Humbatali oglu — Armenians shot his wife Furuza, his son Mugan, his daughter Simuzer and his daughter-in-law Sudaba in his evidence.

Pashayeva Kubra Adil gizi — was surrounded by the Armenians in the forest of Katik. Over the bush she hid, she saw shooting down of her husband Pashayev Shura Tapdig oglu his son Pashayev Elshad Shura oglu.

Amirova Khazangul Tevekkul gizi — all her family was taken as hostage by Armenian armed men. Armenians shot her mother Raya, 7 year old sister Yegana and aunt Goyja, burnt her father Amirov Tevekkul by flowing fuel on him.

Aliyeva Zoya Ali gizi — remained 3 days in the forest together with 150 people. Ahmadova Dunya and her sister Gulkhar froze in the forest.

Mustafayeva Kubra Alish gizi — " As soon as Armenians took us hostages they shot down 6 men near me ".

Kerimova Saida Gurban gizi — "We were among 12 hostages. Armenians murdered with torture my daughter Nazaket, Tapdig, Saadet, Irada ".

Najafov Ali Agami oglu — "Armenians surrounded running people and shot 30-40 of them down."


The State Commission on prisoners of war,
hostages and missing persons