In recent years, the implementation of state programs aimed at promoting the efficient use of the country's economic potential and promotion of export-oriented production has accelerated the development of entrepreneurship in the agrarian sector, has created the basis for more efficient use of labor resources and natural resources in the regions, modernization of the infrastructure and increase in the employment rate of the population.

The processing of agricultural products has great importance in the socio-economic life of the country. During the last years, this sector has been determined as one of the main sectors of the economy, favorable conditions have been created for the development of this sector in Azerbaijan.

A number of legal acts, including state programs, have been adopted for the rapid development of cotton, viticulture, tobacco, cocoons.  These legal acts mainly focused on meeting the demand for agricultural products, improving the supply of raw materials for processing enterprises, and strengthening state support for the expansion of the processing industry.

The implementation of state programs adopted in recent years to meet the needs of the population in food. Measures along promoting the production of export-oriented agricultural products have paved the way to significant results in the development of traditional agriculture in the country. These implementations increased employment and reduced poverty in the country.

The implementation of state programs approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan about approval of the State program on development of wine growing in the Azerbaijan Republic in 2012-2020, a strategic roadmap on production and processing of agricultural products in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the state program on development of cotton growing in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2017-2022, a state program for the Development of Cocoon Production and Sericulture in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2018-2025, approval of the state program on development of paddy growing for 2018-2015, state program on the development of tea growing in the Azerbaijan Republic for 2018-2027, `state program on development of citrus fruit-growing in Azerbaijan in 2018-2025` resulted with successful achievement in the agricultural sectors.

During the last years, the increase of the country`s export potential and innovative capacity of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the agricultural products processing, achieving high productivity played a crucial role in terms of creating agro-parks. Also, the formation of integration between producers, processors, and consumers in the widespread application of intensive methods in agricultural production and processing paved a way to create agro-parks.

Measures were taken in the agrarian sector of Azerbaijan for the creation of the Agro-parks and these measures successfully continue. 

It is clear that new forms of agricultural development are emerging in the world. Our country is also taking appropriate measures to benefit from these experiences. Agro-parks is one of such progressive methods.

Agropark business model is an economic entity that surrounds the production, processing, logistics, and other services of agricultural products. The processes of production of agricultural products in agro-parks, agro-technical and logistics, sanitary and phytosanitary, marketing, sales (domestic market and export) and other services, production of raw materials, processes are carried out in high profitability. In addition to this, protection of the environment, the use of land and water resources and their protection secures and development of crop, stockbreeding, processing, and other sectors are provided. Its main activities related to food production are energy, water, and waste management, logistics, transport, site planning, and other processes. Agroparks are also characterized as a center that combines production, processing, procurement, research and development, trade, and social functions based on the principles of sustainable development.

Today, one of the main duties of Azerbaijan is about building the agro-industrial sector, which is a leading part of the non-oil sector, along with innovative criteria, including the creation of agro-parks.

The creation of agro-park in Azerbaijan continues and there are almost 40 agro-parks in Azerbaijan.

Our lands which were under the occupation of Armenia for almost 30 years have great agricultural potential. Currently, the `Strategic Action Plan` is prepared for our liberated territories. There is a restoration of all territories and cities. New mechanisms and criteria were created for the land reform. It aims at the development of liberated territories. Work is underway to develop important agricultural sectors such as stockbreeding floristry, olericulture, viticulture, and grain growing.