The Presidential Library of the administration of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 2003 on the basis of two rich libraries of the Republic. One of them was the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, The library of the S.M.Kirov House of Political Education, the second-the Central City Library (former The Central Library named after V.I.Lenin). Central Party Library was established in 1920 under the Baku Party Committee in 1934, Azerbaijan Communist Party Central Committee S.M. It was included in the composition of the political education House named after Kirov. Since then, the library of the political education House, the main library of the country's network of party libraries, has operated until the end of the Soviet period.

The Central City Library is also (formerly the central library named after V.I.Lenin) was one of the public libraries of Baku with a rich history and its activity dates back to 1870. In Soviet times, this library became a Central Library with the decree of the Baku Public Education Department. This library was distinguished for its high level of library-bibliographic service and activity in the field of holding mass events. The library of the president, created on the basis of the fund of political education House Library and Central City library, continuing the best traditions of those libraries, in a short period of time began to provide high-quality library-bibliography and information services to its consumers. 2004, December 17, First Lady of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva visited the library, took interest in works done here, and gave valuable recommendations to employees. In 2005, on December 9, by the Order of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the library was given the status of a sector of the Department of affairs. Since then, all employees of the library are civil servants. On June 2006, 27, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev visited the library, got acquainted with its activity, took interest in the application of modern information technologies in the library, gave instructions on enriching the foundation, and strengthening the material and technical base of the library. In accordance with these tasks, the library is used for modern personal computers and other computing devices, network equipment, equipment for the printing, etc. equipped with. In 2009, by the Order of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan on July 22, Presidential Library was given the status of Department of the administration of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Rare examples of literature in different languages published in the XVI-XIX centuries and early XX centuries are kept in the library fund. Literature on economy, politics, state-building, law, philosophy, statistics, history, literature and linguistics prevail in the fund. The periodical press fund of the library includes 250 magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals published in our republic and other countries. At present, special attention is paid to the provision of the fund with electronic publications in the library.

The mission of the Presidential Library is to provide an excellent library-bibliography service to civil servants working in higher state bodies and other executive bodies, as well as other students whose information interests correspond to the profile of the library with documents in the library fund, various primary documents and bibliographic information resources created here.

The application of new technologies in the Presidential Library, in particular, the creation and development of resources based on new information carriers, the replenishment of library funds with electronic documents, the latest type of documents, is of particular importance. In the library, ИРБИС 64 the software and technical capabilities of the library automation system are practically mastered. Currently, among all users of ИРБИС 64, one of the libraries, which fully implements the functions and technical capabilities of its modules, is the Presidential Library. The bibliographic apparatus of the library (SBA) includes the fund of reference and bibliographic publications, various catalogs and cartotages, as well as an electronic catalog. The database of the electronic catalog includes a book, a compact disk, a map, a note publication, a bibliographic record of the dissertation abstract, and other documents. A special feature of the bibliographic apparatus of the Presidential Library is that for the first time in our republic a large number of information resources are being created here, which allows paying fractographic surveys in accordance with the profile.

The relations of the library with the presidential, parliamentary, and government libraries of other countries, international libraries, and information organizations are expanding year by year. The Presidential Library participates in all events and projects with the participation of the leading libraries of the Republic. Since May 2004 the library is a member of the “International Association of creators of electronic libraries and new information technologies” (EBNIT). Since that year, he is a permanent participant in the annual International Conference “Crimea” (Ukraine) and LIBCOM (Russia). The Presidential Library has an intensive relationship with IFLA, the most influential organization in the field of library work in the world. Representatives of the library took part in IFLA annual councils and conferences held in Great Britain (Glasgow), Italy (Milan), Sweden (Gothenburg) and Finland (Helsinki). The library has been a member of IFLA since 2009 and participates in elections to the governing bodies of the organization. IFLA President Ellen Tise visited Presidential Library in November 2008, 25. In 2013, the library was elected a member of the Standing Commission on Government Information and Official publications of IFLA. Representatives of the Presidential Library participated in the Joint Conference of Azerbaijani and Swiss librarians in Switzerland in 2011, the Founding Conference of the Eurasian libraries Union held in Ankara in 2012, and the events held in the framework of the program “American libraries and protection of Cultural Heritage” organized in Washington with the support of the US State Department in the same year. With the Presidential Library of Belarus, exchanges of official newspapers and magazines are regularly held. Library Of The Presidential Administration Of Russia, B. There are also close relations with the Yeltsin Presidential Library, the Russian Parliamentary Library, the library of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan, and the Russian state general scientific and Technical Library. As a result of close relations with the UN office in Azerbaijan, the library is currently provided with most publications of this organization.

Depending on the tasks performed, the corresponding organizational-management structure of the Presidential Library was formed. This structure includes 5 functional departments that perform work on purely library technologies and processes and 7 sections in their composition. Another department deals with the operation of engineering and technical facilities of the library, logistics, and other technical issues.



  • Bibliography Department of literature on public administration and country studies;
  • Department of library fund;
  • Department of information-bibliography and library services
  • Recruitment, book processing, and e-catalog Department
  • Department of library work automation and electronic resources.




  • Electronic information publications section;
  • Department of rare Literature Fund;
  • Art Literature Fund;
  • Periodical Press fund Section;
  • Translation section of electronic publications;
  • Information-bibliography service department;
  • Subscription section.