eggs – 2 pcs.
fresh onion – 25 g.
coriander – 15 g.
dill – 10 g.
spinach – 30 g.
melted butter – 30 g.
pepper, salt

Coriander, dill, spinach and green onion are washed, cut into small pieces, pepper, salt and egg are added on and played carefully. Sometimes rubbed white bread or a little flour is added to the cake. Fry the oil in a skillet and pour the eggs cooked with the greens into it and smooth it out. After the eggs are hardened, cut the kuku into two or four parts and fry them. When they are served, they pour oil on it and put yogurt there.




eggs – 2 pcs.
fresh onion – 20 g.
coriander – 15 g.
dill – 10 g.
spinach – 25 g.
walnuts – 40 g.
melted butter – 30 g.
pepper, salt. 

It is prepared as a Kuku of greens. But finely chopped walnuts are added into the greenery which is played with egg.




smoked omul – 200 g.
green or onion – 35 g.
coriander – 15 g.
dill – 10 g.
eggs – 2 pcs.
white bread stuffing – 30 g.
melted butter – 30 g.
pepper, salt. 

Smoked omul fish is cooked in water, its skin and bones are removed. Green onion, coriander and dill are washed, cut into small pieces, egg, small omul pieces, white bread egg, salt and pepper are added and played well. Sometimes they replace the blue onion with fried onions. Next, the Greens are prepared as Kuku. When served on the table it is cut in the form of baklava and oil is added on it.



Caviar is one of the delicacies of Azerbaijani national cuisine. Caviar is served both in canned and fresh form.




eggs –1 pcs.
caviar –20 g
cucumber –20 g
tomatoes –20 g.
lettuce –10 g.
green onions –10 g.

Cook the egg, cut from both heads in the form of a tub. The yolk from one side of the egg is removed with a spoon. The inside of the egg is filled with caviar. On the dish lay lettuce leaves, decorated with cucumber, fresh tomatoes and green onions.




mutton – 217 g.
onion – 30 g.
tomatoes – 280 g.
sour cream  – 30 g.
salt, pepper.

1.0-0.5 kg of mutton is cooked in water in the form of thorns, taken out of broth and cooled. When served on the table, cut the cold mutton meat of 2-3 mm thickness, put it on the plate, put chopped tomatoes and onion in the form of trash, pour sour cream on it.




cucumber – 50 g.
tomatoes – 50 g.
pepper – 20 g.
fresh onion – 10 g.
coriander – 10 g.
basil  – 10 g.
wine vinegar or abgora  – 3 g.
pepper, salt.

Cucumber, tomato and pepper are cut into small cubes, finely chopped greens, wine vinegar, pepper and salt are added on and mixed.




radish (white and Red) – 100 g.
eggs – 1/2 pcs.
cucumber – 40 g.
carrots – 40 g.
green lettuce – 10 g.

The peel of white radish is peeled. White or radishes are cut into thin slices and put on a plate as a hill, roundly cut cucumber, carrot, egg cut into slices and decorated with lettuce. Sprinkle dill on top. Radish cut in the form of flowers is placed in the middle.




sturgeon – 375 g.
salmon fish with weak salt – 55 g.
grained caviar – 30 g.
potatoes – 160 g.
fresh cucumber – 180 g.
sour cream – 160 g.
lettuce – 55 g.
lemon – 1 pcs.
tarragon – 55 g.
pepper, salt.

They cook the fish, clean its shell and cartilage. The cut vegetables are mixed with sour cream and poured into plate in the form of hill, fish cut into long slices, lettuce leaves, tarragon, decorated with slices of salmon with granulated caviar.




tomatoes – 60 g.
cucumbers – 45 g.
fresh onion – 15 g.
onion – 20 g.
radishes – 40 g.
sour cream – 30 g.
dill – 10 g.
pepper, salt

Tomatoes, cucumbers and red pepper cut into thin circles and put on plate. Pour chopped green onion into the middle. Onion rings are cut and put on tomato, salt, pepper and sour cream are added. Sprinkle finely chopped dill on it and lay green lettuce leaves on its edges.




bulgarian pepper
red onion
greens: coriander, dill, basil
salt, pepper 

Salad is prepared at least 1 hour before cooking. Wash the vegetables and greens and cut them small. Salt, pepper is poured and mixed and put in the refrigerator to rest. By this time, the juices of vegetables and herbs will be released. It is very tasty and good.




beet – 200 g.
butter – 20 g.
pomegranate juice or grains – 30 g.
walnut kernel – 40 g.
onion – 25 g.
coriander – 15 g.


Beets are cleaned, cut into slices, poured into pot and cooked in its own broth. Cooked beet is passed through the meat-grinder with walnut kernel, oil, pomegranate juice and salt are added. The fisincan is placed on the plate and decorated with ring-cut onion, coriander and walnut kernel.




red beans – 100 g.
onion – 30 g.
melted butter – 20 g.
walnut kernel – 30 g.
vinegar – 20 g. or pomegranate juice – 15 g.
coriander – 20 g
pepper, salt.

The beans are cooked and passed through the meat-grinder with fried onion and walnut kernel. Pepper, salt, vinegar or pomegranate juice are added and mixed. The fisincan is sprinkled with herbs and decorated with ring-shaped chopped onion.