It is very difficult to surprise the modern world with anything. Because there is little that can surprise the world, we are probably wrong. Fine arts, works from the brush of artists are really capable of attracting the interest of the audience. Very few works of Azerbaijani masters of Fine Art are known in the world.

Historically in Azerbaijan there were artists who were able to promote our country, but their access to the world ocean of art was limited. The fact that the works of medieval Azerbaijani artists take place in world museums and private collections as pearls of art is the victory of the Azerbaijani fine art. Works and miniatures made by Azerbaijani artists of the Middle Ages are famous all over the world. Our great artist Soltan Muhammad's” Bahram Gurun's lion hunt“,” the ascension of the Prophet Muhammad“,” Khosrov's vision of Chiman Shirin“,” Alexander's meeting with the Chinese people", etc. his works are very famous in the world. Aga Mirak's works also decorate the museums of the world. His” Majnun among animals", "Khosrov and Shirin listen to the servants 'tale", "Khosrov's coming to the throne", "Shapur's return to Khosrov" are unique examples. Sayid Ali's "Bahram Gur and qoca Choban", "Majnun in front of Layla's tent", "the messenger of Ibn Salam", etc. we can name the works. Handicrafts of Azerbaijani artists are real pearls of art that have been of interest to world travelers since ancient times.

At the same time, Azerbaijani artists have not yet fully integrated into the world. Today, when the world speaks of Azerbaijani artists, he remembers the unique works of Sattar Bahlulzada. In Soviet times, exhibitions of most Azerbaijani artists were organized in foreign countries in those years. These artists could express the life of Azerbaijan at these exhibitions. In the Soviet years, our artists were introduced to the world as Soviet artists. Few people in the world knew that they were Azerbaijanis. If these artists were known in the name of Azerbaijan, we would see more benefits of it today. The themes addressed by Azerbaijani artists in the Soviet period were not limited to the country, most peoples of the world created valuable works related to their way of life. The international nature of these works was also great. Today works by Azerbaijani Soviet artists are exhibited in museums of the world. If Sattar Bahlulzade, Mikayil Abdullayev, Maral Rahmanzade, Tahir Salahov, Togrul Narimanbekov, Rasim Babayev, and other artists struggled to get out of the world, they achieved it to a certain extent. Their works are more or less known and appreciated in the world. Today, it is gratifying that as a result of the support of the state in this sphere, exhibitions of works of classical Azerbaijani artists are opened and their catalogs are published. In addition, among modern artists, there are also those who are eager to enter the world. In recent years, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has also done a lot to promote the Azerbaijani fine art in the world and introduce its modern representatives, and periodically brush samples of Azerbaijani artists are exhibited in different countries of the world. For this purpose, the Academy of Arts was opened for the first time in our country in 2000. This event can be considered as one of the very important steps not only for our cultural life but also for our people as a whole.

Among the Masters of modern brushes in promoting Azerbaijani culture in the world, there are members of the World Academy of Arts, an exhibition of these artists opened in Baku several years ago: people's artists Khanlar Ahmadov, Mir Nadir Zeynalov, honored art worker Arif Aziz, Honored Artist Eldar Gurbanov, famous artists Samadagha Jafarov and Naghali Khalilov are members of the World Academy of Arts. Our artists began to become a member of this prestigious organization, which unites well-known masters of brushes from more than 100 countries in 2009. Being represented in such an organization, Azerbaijan is able to promote the ancient and unique traditions of the art school in a broader form in the world.

Today, among the artists who promote the fine art of Azerbaijan in the world, we should note the achievements of Sakit Mammadov. Sakit Mammadov is a member of UNESCO Artists Union, academician of the Russian Imperial Academy of artists, Man of the Millennium, European Order of honor, Italian Leonardo da Vinci order, full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, International Vera prize at the festival in Portugal, international Vera Prize, International Prize named after Chingiz Aytmatov, International Child Of The Motherland and Dede Gorgud Awards, he was awarded a gold medal and other awards.

Countess of heraldic Academy Sakit Mammadov was elected an honorary member of the Roman Academy of Contemporary Art for his contribution to World Culture. S. Mamedov's brush samples were presented in a number of countries around the world. Along with Azerbaijan, a solo exhibition was held in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany, İtaly, Belgium, France, Austria, Egypt, China, Georgia, Tatarstan, Singapore, Portugal, and other countries. Today, the paintings of Sakit Mammadov, one of the prominent representatives of the art of painting in Azerbaijan, are among the works that collectors of the world's famous museums, galleries, as well as at auctions, are pleased to receive: "Memory picture”, “Game”, “Training”, “Falabakhans”, “Birthday”, “Leningrad memories”, “Long Live Istanbul”, “Holiday”, “Wedding”, “Metro”, “Bus number 13”, "Amateur", etc. are interesting works of Sakit Mammadov. It is impossible to attribute some thematic paintings of the artist to a specific place, time. In such works, the artist wants to show the time of his world. The prominent Russian critic Andrei Bajenov, who was surprised by the artist's work, said: “Sakit Mammadov's hand is like the hand of the Renaissance artist.” Opalism in painting is a school and style founded by the academic artist Sakit Mammadov. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Opal. This type of mineral stone, dazzling in ancient Greek, amazing look in Latin, translated in sanskrit as a precious stone, is not only as a jewelry, but with its healing, extraordinary and inspiring nature, has been pleasing to people for millennia. The wreath of warm color existing in the Opal has won great sympathy of Sakit Mammadov since his youth. It is no coincidence that the game of color on the stone is found in almost all his creative works. In this way, the artist tried to prove that not a single artist invented a new color, except for the colors that God gave to nature. In the works of the artist one can see more noble, fiery or bolder, hydrophane shades of Opal. True, opal is not a kind of stone in the works created by the artist with a soft collar, but in handicrafts, headgear, women's jewelry, etc. it is manifested in forms. The new covenant is created by the creation of the new covenant. Nevertheless, in the paintings one can feel the good mood and healing properties of the stone created by man. It is gratifying that the School of Opalism created by Sakit Mammadov is presented not only by himself, but also by the students of the artist with high professionalism. There is no doubt that this style created by the artist will continue in the future, along with his graduates, by the creativity of hundreds and thousands of artists living and creating in different countries of the world.

At events held in London on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Azerbaijani artist Sakit Mammadov's painting “The Plain of Derby” was presented to Elizabeth II by the president of the Equestrian Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elchin Guliyev as a gift.

The author of the work, Famous Artist Sakit Mammadov, who is on a visit to London as part of the Azerbaijani delegation, informed the Queen about the Jidir duzu, our national traditions, horse breeds, musical instruments, the game of Chogan and Khari Bulbul of Shusha. Sakit Mammadov was able to introduce the Azerbaijani culture to the world in this way through his successful works.

Today, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation treats our cultural heritage with great care. Art exhibitions are opened and our artists are introduced to different countries of the world with the organization of the foundation. Works by Azerbaijani artists were demonstrated at the “Art Shopping” International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Paris.

Azerbaijan was represented by Asmar Narimanbekova and Maryam Alakbarli at the “Art Shopping” International Contemporary Art Exhibition, which took place in the carousel Hall of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

President of Togrul Narimanbekov Association Asmar Narimanbekova said that the works displayed at this exhibition were inspired by Azerbaijan's rich culture, art and moral values. The artist said that his goal is to transform our ancient and rich culture into a world of colors and present it to the French. Our national costumes, national musical instruments are reflected in the works of Azerbaijani artists, and these works are rich in national elements. All this is done to promote Azerbaijan, its material and spiritual wealth in the world.

The art people of our time include Aida Mahmudova, Ali Hasanov, Leyla Aliyeva, Faig Ahmad, Rashad Alakbarov, Farid Rasulov, Gafar Rzayev, Mahmud Rustamov, Nail Alekperov, Rashad Babayev, Sitara Ibrahimova, Afat Bagirova, Niyaz Najafov, Altai Sadikhzade, Mammad Mustafayev, Fuad Salayev and many others. Modern Azerbaijani artists touch upon more specific themes, themes that are close and necessary to modern youth.

One of the interesting objects where samples of Azerbaijani fine art are exhibited is the modern Art Museum. The collection of works made up of avant-garde of Azerbaijan fine art and sculpture from the second half of the XX century to the present day forms the basis of the museum. This is a collection of paintings and sculptures that reflect the observation, search and freedom of the human soul.

Functioning since March 2009, the museum exhibits more than 20 works by Azerbaijani artists and sculptors. Works by such artists as Sattar Bahlulzade, Boyukaga Mirzazade, Elmira Shakhtakhtinskaya, Tahir Salahov, Omar Eldarov, Nadir Abdurahmanov are displayed in the museum. The author of the design of the museum is the famous artist Altai Sadikhzade. There is also a children's Art Hall, a library, a video hall, a restaurant, an art cafe.

In the years of independence, a lot of purposeful work has been done to promote the fine art of Azerbaijan in the world and to support the creativity of young artists. In recent years, the number of national and international exhibitions has exceeded 500. During these years, works by Azerbaijani artists have been published in Germany, the USA, Russia, Turkey, Iran, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Brazil, China, Austria, Portugal, etc. it was demonstrated in the most prestigious exhibition halls, museums, and galleries of such countries. As a result of the care of our state, our creators of Fine Art expect even greater success.