In 1991, on October 18, the Republic of Azerbaijan gained its independence. Since 1993, the social welfare of the population and civic activity has increased.

The Pantomime Theatre, Municipal Theatre, YUG Theatre, Youth Theatre, miniature Theatre, Chamber Theatre, which was newly established and received the status of "State Theatre", proved themselves well. They went down the path of development of art through genre, variety of forms, the richness of styles.

In recent years, a new stage has begun in the development of the Azerbaijani Theatre, which has passed a long and glorious history. This development is manifested, first of all, in strengthening the material and technical base of theatres in accordance with modern world standards, in preparing new interesting performances as a result of a creative search of collectives, in expanding the exchange of experience with influential western, including European theatres, etc. shows.

Undoubtedly, the merits of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, who has always won the sympathy of those who worked in this field as a great patron of culture and art in all periods of his leadership in our country in the new way of development of our theatres are invaluable. This policy of the Great Leader is currently being successfully continued by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. It was on the direct initiative of President Ilham Aliyev that a number of fundamental state documents on the development of theatrical art have been adopted in the country in recent years.

In 2006, the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on theatre and theatrical activity” was adopted in Azerbaijan. The law reflecting the modern stage of development of this ancient creative sphere officially stated that the state attaches special importance to theatrical art. In 2007, President Ilham Aliyev signed another important document on the art of theatre - an order “on the development of the art of Azerbaijani theater”. In 2009, on May 18, the head of state approved the state program “Azerbaijan Theater in 2009-2019”.

The state program defining the 10-year development prospects of the Azerbaijani theater is the protection of the rich artistic heritage and creative traditions of our theatre, its integration into European culture, modernization of material and technical bases of theatres, repair of theatre buildings in line with world standards, it serves the purpose of efficient use of information and financial resources and formation of repertoire in accordance with today's requirements.

International theatre conferences held within the framework of the state program in Baku should also be regarded as an important event. Within the framework of the program, repair and restoration works were carried out at a high level in the buildings of the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater named after Abdullah Shaig, Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theater named after S. Vurgun, Azerbaijan State National Theater of Young Spectators, Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater, Mingachevir, Aghdam, and Fuzuli. Due to internal opportunities, a part of the building of the state Pantomime Theatre was restored and handed over to the audience.

The building problem of the Sumgayit State Musical Drama Theatre named after Huseyn Arablinski, which has not been solved for 40 years, has been solved radically. Iravan State Azerbaijan Drama Theatre, which lasted for many years in the absence of a building, ceased its life as a refugee, and the theater was provided with a beautiful building. As a result of the work done, the building of the Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre was repaired and put into operation in accordance with world standards. In recent years, dozens of artists have been given high honorary titles by orders of the head of state. Every year, 100 talented artists receive a presidential pension. Housing and other problems of hundreds of people are being solved. Every year, persons who have great extraordinary services before the art of Azerbaijan are included in the list of lifetime scholarship recipients.

Also, in accordance with the implementation of the State program, new opportunities for training abroad are being created in the theater sector.

Over the years, Azerbaijani theaters have been staged in more than 30 countries of the world, including the USA, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, France, Morocco, Finland, İran, Egypt, Holland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Switzerland, Moldova, Serbia, the Russian Federation represented our country with dignity at international events in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Over the past period, more than 10 theater groups from foreign countries have arrived in Azerbaijan. At the same time, 30 well-known directors, choreographers, and theater artists from foreign countries have been invited to our country to produce a performance.

The development of theatrical art is explained not only by a network of state theaters. Today, new production centers are emerging in our country, benefiting from the private sector and business relations. Increased interest in the theater in society leads to the emergence of new forms of theatrical activity. Increased interest in the theater in society leads to the emergence of new forms of theatrical activity. This also testifies to the Working Mechanism of the laws and other state documents adopted in connection with the theatre. From this point of view, the activity of the creative scene “ÜNS”, which performs interesting projects as the most modern example of new theatrical forms, can be noted.

“National Theater day” was established in our country by the Order of President Ilham Aliyev, dated March 2013, 1, who always pays attention and care to artists. According to the decree, taking into account the importance and role of National Theater in the development of national culture and cultural life of the country, it was decided to celebrate March 10 as “National Theater day” in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This date is marked by a series of events all over the country.

The successes of the Azerbaijani theatre are still ahead. We believe that in the coming years, the Azerbaijani Theatre will achieve even greater successes with interesting plays.