The socio-economic development of the Republic, as in all spheres of society, has yielded positive results in the health system. In our time, large-scale measures have been taken to manage health care and strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions. All these successes contribute to the development of health care by world standards, its consistent integration into the health system of the advanced countries of the world.

The reforms carried out in the country in the field of health care, according to the orders and instructions of President Ilham Aliyev, the built and reconstructed medical institutions indicate that the development of health care in Azerbaijan today continues at the highest level. Successful health reforms in various aspects are aimed at ensuring the health of the population and its establishment at the level of world standards. The use of about 700 health facilities equipped with modern medical equipment and devices in Azerbaijan is a clear example of the attention paid to human health. Today, in our country, the Thalassemia Center, the Children's Clinic of the National Cancer Center, the Republican Urological Clinical Hospital, diagnostic centers equipped with the latest technologies, etc. it serve the population as necessary. Hospitals equipped with all kinds of modern medical equipment and accessories are adapted to world standards. Equipment from countries such as Germany and Switzerland, which are developed countries of the world, is being supplied to newly commissioned, repaired and rehabilitation health facilities.

Currently, in our country up to 33 thousand doctors, up to 54 thousand medical workers are in the protection of public health.

The development of the healthcare system, strengthening of the material and technical base, personnel potential, and updating the infrastructure are always in the spotlight. As a result of the country's social policy, the annual increase in funds allocated from the state budget to health care contributes to the improvement of the activities of medical institutions and to the improvement of the level of services in general.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation, headed by First Vice-President of the Republic Mehriban Aliyeva, has exceptional services in the implementation of a number of state programs in the field of health. Thus, the foundation has signed a number of major projects in the organization of care and treatment for patients with diabetes and thalassemia, blood donation actions, improving the health of mothers and children.

Laboratory tests, some medical equipment, and supplies necessary for diagnosis and treatment were brought to the country during the coronavirus pandemic, which covers the whole world today. Numerous laboratories operate in the country to conduct tests. During the coronavirus pandemic, the resilience of the Azerbaijani health system, the ability, and the dedication of our doctors was once again proved. During the pandemic, financial and humanitarian assistance was provided to more than 80 foreign countries from Azerbaijan, as well as to international organizations, including the World Health Organization, with a voluntary donation of $ 10 million.

At the same time, the most reliable vaccines have been brought to Azerbaijan against COVID-19, and vaccination of the population on an unpaid basis is underway.

At present, in order to improve the quality of medical services in the country, compulsory medical insurance is being applied in order to ensure the accessibility of the population to these services. To this end, the state agency for Compulsory Health Insurance “public legal entity was established by the Decree No. 1125 of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 24, 2016.

In connection with the introduction of compulsory medical insurance, a public legal entity “Azerbaijani Management Union of Medical Territorial Units” was established in order to manage medical institutions and carry out control in this field.