Beginning from 1994, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Heydar Aliyev began taking purposeful steps to form the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to NATO standards. He always paid huge attention to the combat training and logistics of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan that joined the NATO Peace Partnership Programme, supply it with modern equipment and weapons, provide personal staff with dress and food, improve dislocation of army and conditions in battle points and render moral support to the personal staff.

A major goal of cooperation with NATO is to improve and modernize the process of formation of the national army and conform it to Western standards. Successfully implementing this policy the political and military administration managed to change Azerbaijan for a short time into the most influential state in the region and one of the most reliable partners of the civil world. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have served in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq within peacemaking forces of NATO and international anti-terrorist coalition.

Another advantage of strengthening of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan is that it stimulates changing of visions of the international community and public in aggressor Armenia on Daghlig Garabagh conflict. This factor positively influences first of all the position of circles concerning the conflict and fair work of Azerbaijan. Of course, the continuous growth of military strength of Azerbaijan catches the attention of world community and international organizations, causes anxiety in Armenia, and those circles behave more prudently concerning Garabagh issue and Azerbaijan. They see a state possessing a quite strong army, understand that Azerbaijan has special weight, leading status in the region, the leadership of Azerbaijan demonstrates a decisive position in the issue of release of lands of occupation and it stimulates discovery of elements conforming to the fair position of Azerbaijan on the settlement of the conflict. Of course, the right foreign policy plays a role in this too, however military power is one of the main means in this issue.

The military parade successfully held on June 26, 2008, in Azadlyg Square on the 90th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan made our people and its friends happy and saddened the enemies. Just because of this reason, all the Azerbaijanis irrespective of residence believe in the existence of our powerful army and its ability to restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan at any moment.