The holiday of Gurban (sacrifice) is one of the grandiose holidays of the Islamic world. Two holidays of Islam eydul-ezha (known as Gurban Bayram) and eydul-fitra (Orujlug — the holiday of fasting, a small holiday) are legalized. As the most important surmises of Islam Gurban Bayram is demanded by Koran.

This holiday is part of a Muslim's pilgrimage to Mecca. The holiday of Sacrifice is celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th month — Zilhija of the Moslem calendar (Hijri-Gamari calendar) cutting scarifying animals in the period of pilgrimage to Mecca.

The holiday of Sacrifice is not peculiar only to Islam. The ceremony of sacrifice-giving was the tradition of many peoples of the world much earlier in Islam. For instance, the people of Carthage sacrifice their children to Molokhia, their God, to paying their debts. People of the east usually sacrificed their daughters.

The religion of the Excellency prophet Muhammed Islam made a revolution in beliefs and sacrifice to great Allah. Islam prohibits any kind of human sacrifice and says in the name of Allah that an animal should be sacrificed instead of a human. Islam determined the time of sacrifice giving, as before people did it any time they want. To give the holiday more respect it was determined to celebrate it once a year on the 10th day of Zilhija. Koran says: "Allah determined Beytulharam (Sacred house) Caaba, the month Bahram (Zilhije), tied and untied-neck (with and without signs on their necks) sacrifices brought to Caaba to be a way to put into order the lives (religious and world affairs) of the people" (Koran, Sure 5, Aye 97).

It is also possible to bring a sacrifice for the realization of some wish. Religion, religious ceremonies, and holidays were also the objects of criticism in the Soviet period. After Azerbaijan got its independence people again started to respect and follow its religion, national traditions, and national and religious holidays.

Gurban Holiday lasts 2 days.



Note: since 2006, when a public holiday falls on a day off, the next business day is considered non-working.