The 8th of March is the international day of solidarity of women in the struggle for economic, social and political equality. Celebration of the International Women Day adopted with the proposition of K. Setkin in 1910 at the 2nd International Conference (at Copenhagen) of the socialist women. The first countries celebrating this day were Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. In Russia, this day was celebrated in 1913 and in 1917 in Azerbaijan. Till 1914 the International Women Day celebrated on different dates. Celebration of the Day on the 8th of March became a tradition after the women of Austria, Hungary, Russia, the USA and other countries started to celebrate the day of their solidarity on that date.

Since that time the 8th of March is the day of solidarity for peace in the world. It is not working day since 1965 when the former USSR declared the 8th of March to be a holiday.

Even after it gained independence, Azerbaijan celebrates the 8th of May as the International Women's Day thus nobody works on that day.

From 2006, if a holiday falls on the weekend, then the next working day counts as a holiday.